GP-1000G 點擊圖片放大


Digital Pirani Vacuum Gauge GP-1000G/GP-2001G/GP-2002G
 GP-1000G (GP-2000G) is a constant-temperature Pirani vacuum gauge that works using the thermal conduction of gas. Digital output and set point output are provided standard, as vacuum system control features. To enable effective use of system panels, GP-1000G (GP-2000G) has been given a more compact design. Eco-friendly and RoHS compliant.
 • No re-calibration is needed after changing gauge head cable length.
• Built-in temperature assurance circuit reduces effect of ambient temperature changes on specified values.
• Independent set point output (3 points/GP-1000G, 2points/GP-2001G, GP-2002G)
• BCD output (GP-1000G)
• Wide range of power supply voltages (GP-1000G)
• Conforms with CE